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Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro – Smartphone 128GB, 8GB RAM, Dual Sim, Alexa Hands-Free, Noir

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108MP ultra-clear flagship camera. Cool shots with exquisite details near and far. . The leading-edge lens combination turns each shot into a masterpiece. . Fully unleash your creativity by making use of powerful camera functions. . Create movie-quality content. 7680 × 4320 ultra high resolution | Take 33MP photos straight from 8K video. . Say goodbye to complex tutorials. Beginners can take outstanding photos with ease. . Xiaomi 2020 Flagship Display. Extremely smooth | Smart power saving | TrueColor | Refined eye-protection. . 144 Hz ultra smooth display. Holds flagship screens to a higher standard. . Enjoy the unprecedented smoothness. Mi 10T Pro/Mi10T features Xiaomi’s highest refresh rate screen so far! 144Hz ultra-high refresh rate can show up to 144 frames per second. The seamless screen transitions will reduce eye discomfort and dizziness especially when playing games or quickly scrolling through content. Significantly improves gaming experience. With ultra low latency and less delay, you can act faster and secure the win. . A Smart AdaptiveSync Display. Automatically matches each App to the best-suited refresh rate from 30Hz-144Hz to get ultimate smooth experience and optimize power consumption . 8% battery saved after 6 hours of heavy use*. *Compared to keeping a fixed refresh rate. . MEMC Technology*. Improves fluidity of low frame rate content to clearly display quick movements . The algorithm can accurately recognize motion trajectories, and naturally inserts compensation frames in low-frame-rate content such as movies, TV series or sports games, increasing the frame rate up to 60fps, effectively reducing blurriness and flickering. 6.67″ FHD+ DotDisplay. Detailed and clear display, real-world vividness . Wide Color Gamut ( Supports DCI-P3 ). Adopting the film industry standard to provide a much wider gamut of colours compared to sRGB, bringing true-to-life visual experience. TrueColor ( JNCD≈0.39 Delta E≈0.63 ). Adopting industry-leading color management technology, the screen is adjusted frame by frame, which greatly improves the color accuracy. Lightning-fast connectivity. Supports more 5G bands*. Supports Wi-Fi 6. . 5000mAh. high-capacity battery. . More stable and efficient. 33W wired fast charge. We’ve combined the innovative MMT parallel charging. method (current is delivered from the center of the battery,. allowing two parallel routes of simultaneous charging) and. Mi Fast Charge technology to achieve stable and efficient charging.. 100% charge in only 59 minutes*. . Sophisticated Design, Flagship Feel. Black but not too heavy. The glass back with a ceramic-like sheen exudes class. . Added Protection. Silver ion antibacterial case + antibacterial screen protector. The case is protected with silver ion technology for long-lasting antibacterial effect, keeping you safe 24 hours a day.. After 24 hours of contact, the case can eliminate more than 99% of the bacteria.*

Taille d’affichage: 6.67 pouces
Type d’affichage: 6.67 pouces
Les téléphones avec Alexa d’intégrées vous permettent de passer des appels téléphoniques, d’ouvrir des applications, de contrôler des appareils intelligents pour la maison, d’accéder à la bibliothèque Alexa Skills, et plus encore en utilisant uniquement votre voix lors de vos déplacements. Téléchargez l’application Alexa et terminez la configuration mains libres pour commencer. Demandez simplement – et Alexa répondra instantanément.

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