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Xiaomi Redmi 9C Smartphone 2GB 32GB 6.53″ HD+ Dot Drop Display 5000mAh (typ) Déverrouillage du Visage AI 13 MP AI Triple Caméra Gris

Prix: 125,43 €
(as of Jun 26,2022 23:08:24 UTC – Details)

IMMERSIVE 6.53″ HD+ DISPLAY. . The large display allows you to fully immerse yourself in the virtual world. Low blue light for a comfortable viewing experience. . With blue light protection certification, your eyes will be at ease even after spending long hours on your phone. MASSIVE 5000mAh BATTERY. . With 27 days of standby-battery time, this battery provides power that lasts. . Long-lasting battery life. . The battery has a charge cycle count as high as 1000,. meaning that the phone can be used daily for. more than 2.5 years without any notable degradation to the battery. Take portraits like a professional. . With the 2MP depth sensor you can capture captivating portraits making you look like an experienced photographer. . Put a spin on reality. . Shake things up and impress your friends by making cool videos with the new Kaleidoscope Effect. . Palm shutter. . Take group selfies easily by using the Palm Shutter.. Simply show your palm to the camera to start the selfie timer. INCREASED PROCESSING POWER. . The MediaTek Helio G35 processor provides reliable performance, ensuring a lag-free experience. CONVIENIENT UNLOCKING. . Use the fingerprint sensor in the back or have the phone unlock upon recognizing your face with AI Face Unlock. MULTIFUNCTIONAL NFC. . Turn your phone into a wallet!. The multifunctional NFC can also be used to get on public transport. NEW POLISHED LOOK. . The back features a textured design that prevents fingerprints so that the device can retain its pristine look at all times.


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